That’s not a dinosaur!!!!
Well, would you look at that! It isn’t. Though this is predominantly a blog dedicated to dinosaurs, we also love other prehistoric animals (such as pterosaurs, sea creatures, early mammals, other lizardy beasts, and even — to the horror of many — dimetrodons). If something is accidentally tagged dinosaur when it should not have been, it is most likely an honest mistake due to the dino bloggers being so used to tagging every post that way.

That’s not the right dinosaur name!
Oops! Sometimes dinos are either labeled wrong on the websites where we find them or one of us makes a typo when posting. A polite reblog or message in our ask box is greatly appreciated when that happens! We’ll do our best to fix it quickly.

This isn’t accurate!
What an astute observation! The art we post ranges from this year to the 19th century. A lot about dinosaurs has changed in that time, which you most likely know if you’re pointing out inaccuracies.

May I submit my own art?
We would love you to! We have so many talented followers and posting their artwork is an honor. Just head on over to our submission page and make a photo post!

May I submit the art of others that I really like?
You bet you can. Pop right over to the submission page and be sure to credit the artist whose work it is!

My submission hasn’t been posted! What happened?
Sometimes it takes us a few days or even a week or two to get to submissions. Other rare times we have used our discretion and decided it’s not quite right for the blog (i.e. not up to the artistic caliber of the other art, too reminiscent of furry art, or just generally weirdly sexual — happy cartoon dinos with giant genitalia? No thanks).

Where do you find your dino art?
We have a myriad of sources from secondhand book stores to deviantart, flickr, National Geographic, the BBC, and various museums. Basically, a lot of scanning and googling.

What other dinosaur and paleoart related tumblrs would you recommend?

Who are you people, anyway? What qualifies you to talk about dinosaurs?
Aaaabsolutely nothing. We are a couple of former English majors who have been enamored with dinosaurs since childhood. Katie’s favorite dinosaur from childhood was (the Jurassic Park version of) velociraptor while Jack’s was the non-dino dimetrodon. Currently we’re both pretty big fans of the tiniest known beaked dinosaur, fruitadens. You can find our personal tumblrs here and here.