Are you a paleoartist?

A lot of our posts in the queue turn out to be by artists who are already on tumblr and we had no idea. We want to reblog from you! Like or answer this post or send us a message.


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  2. rsthomason answered: Ooh I’d love to be on your page! I don’t have much that’s paleo *yet* but I do have a trilobite image you can paste up
  3. undergroundplatform answered: Omg yes!
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    I think you’ll like this undergroundplatform :D
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  6. porn-ninja answered: LMFAO AT THAT PICTURE OMG
  7. versacearmor answered: Yeah, I illustrated a feathered Tyrannosaurus in profile view a while back.
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    ^^^ saaame here!
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    ooh :’D i haven’t done many restorations yet/not many that are posted, anyway, but i AM GOING TO i just have about 1000...
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    I know someone who draws the best dinosaurs here :v
  12. cyrillictypewriter answered: Sure thing. (I did the Trikeratos picture you posted.)
  13. rcaauwe answered: scientific illustrator - paleoart sometiems.
  14. ironcladfolly answered: You guys are already awesome for posting my dino art, but I’ll toss my name in here!
  15. inane-gravitas answered: I’ve got a few more going up soon, watch this space ;) (
  16. aramiggs27 answered: I’ll post them as soon as I finish them
  17. allbrotnar answered: I don’t usually draw diunosaurs, but I’ve been doing it for a commission, and it’s something I want to get into more. :)
  18. seitou answered: I have a few